Filet Mignon with Mushroom reduction...

When I want a steak, it's rare.  Both rare that I really want a steak and even more rare because I love steak very rare.  Filet mignon fills that bill, because it's small and fat free and it melts in my mouth like butter.

I pan sear or use a grill pan to cook it three minutes on one side and flip it, cooking it for about 2 minutes on the other.  See, I told you that I love it very my steak very rare.  And you can cook it longer, but it cooks pretty fast so don't let it go more than 3 minutes per side.
Oh, I don't salt steak until it's done and resting.  But, I grind black pepper heavily on the raw steak.  And  bring the steak out of the fridge about an hour before you plan on cooking it.  Let it sit on the counter with the pepper on it, to come to room temperature.  It makes sense doesn't it? 
Also, while the steak was resting,  pan seared some sliced mushrooms in a little butter and added a little cream to the pan at the end.  Then put them all in a blender and whiz for a minute, it will puree nicely.  I love this puree for my steaks.  And mushrooms and steak?  It's a heavenly match.  Trust me on this one, it is.  ;)

Enjoy ~