Longfellow Inn - Sudbury, Ma. ~

Isn't this gristmill just gorgeous?  I fell in love with it, even on a very drab March day.  I can't imagine how beautiful it will look in the summer, with lush green grass and trees all around.  On acres of untouched land with a walking trail all around it, inviting visitors to watch it working as it has done for hundreds of years.

Today I invited a friend to join me for lunch at the Longfellow Inn, rich in Colonial American history. A place from the 1700's, preserved in beauty, handmade furniture, good food and drink for any meal.  While here, you can only imagine it as it was for Longfellow himself, writing his poetry or Paul Revere stopping by on one of his rides.

Here's a little blip of it's history:

"Longfellow's Wayside Inn—a nationally significant Massachusetts Historic Landmark—is the oldest Inn still operating in the United States and has been serving travelers along the old Boston Post Road for almost 300 years. What began as a two-room home in 1707, the Howe family ran a successful tavern and innkeeping business on this site from 1716 to 1861.

From its Colonial roots as an important stagecoach stop, to Henry Ford's historic preservation of the property as a living museum of American history from 1923 to 1945, the Wayside Inn offers a unique experience of history. The Inn is the perfect backdrop for your own memory-making occasions, as well as a unique casual touring and educational destination.

Part of the Wayside Inn Historic Site, Longfellow's Wayside Inn offers informative exhibits as well as atmospheric dining and guest rooms for the visiting public. The Inn serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch to compliment your exploration of the property's 125 scenic acres."

Driving up for lunch today, understated yet magnificant ~

This is the Tavern.   Don't you just love all of the pewter mugs on the ceiling?  The  Inn is maintained in most of it's original pieces and furniture.  It's understatedly simple, yet beautifully preserved.  

The small dining room, where we had lunch, a lovely spot.  The fireplaces are all wonderful. Large and warm, just perfect for a cozy drink or meal. The wide pine flooring is still lovely, even though very worn.  I was so happy that they maintain the Inn's flooring, yet don't add shellac and update them.  The ladder back chairs are so comfortable too.

And our lunch?  Delicious too.  My friend and I ordered the same thing for lunch and it was delicious.  It's the Nantucket Lunchbox.  A devine Lobster slider with a cup of their famous clam chowder.  Just perfect we said ~

On our way out, a last glimpse of the Inn for this day....

A parting view of the gorgeous gristmill.  Even with all of the clouds and no green grass, it is magnificantly beautiful.  Don't you agree?

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  I totally loved my visit here today.


Martha said...

What a wonderful place for a lunch -- and your lunch looked amazing!

Taste the Rainbow said...

Hi Martha,

Isn't it amazing how we travel the Country to see Historical places only to have missed one right near by. I am so glad I visited it and will come back again soon.

And yes, our lunch was delish too.

Regina said...

I'm so glad you posted this, Mary! I have heard so much about the Longfellow Inn and have not gotten there yet. Thank you for taking us with you on that wonderful luncheon -- I would have ordered exactly what you and your friend did -- delish!

Taste the Rainbow said...

You're welcome Regina,

It's a lovely old New England Inn and Tavern. A page right out of our History books and so close by.

I know you would have loved it too.

Gram said...

We ate there when we visited the NE from TX. We loved the peacefulness of the grounds. The atmosphere and food were amazing.

Taste the Rainbow said...

Hi Gram,

It's funny that you came all the way from Texas and saw it, yet it was my first visit and I've lived in the same area all of my life.

It's a 1/2 hour drive from my house.

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Yes that gristmill is beautiful! I have been to New England several times but did not know about it. I would have loved to have visited it.

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