Boston's Freedom Trail and historic North End ~

I was born just over the Zakim bridge in Boston, and I've lived here all of my life.  However, I haven't taken the time to see what millions of people who come from all over the World come to see.  At least not since I was a teen anyway.  Oh, I go into Boston, just don't spend lots of time walking around and really appreciating it's beauty and history.  Last week my sister and I did just that.  We went on a walking/pizza tour of the Freedom Trail and North End.  It was so much fun and we learned a lot.

There are over 100 restaurants in the North End, in just 2 square miles.  Most are quaint and small, but have fabulous food.  The pictures I took are just a sampling of what you will find in this historic part of Boston.

Here's some pictures I took.  Well, this is one that our Tour guide took in front of Paul Revere's House.  You can no longer go inside, but it's a beautiful house even from the outside.

Boston's first building.  You would walk by here with out ever giving it a second glance, never knowing.  Most buildings here are not labeled or marked well.

Our first pizza stop was for a Sicilian slice.  The lines are long even at 11am.  So go early if you are going because this place makes their dough in the morning and once it's all gone, they close.  No hours are posted here.  But it's pretty safe to say, they don't stay beyond 2pm.

A Sicilian slice right out of the oven at Galleria Umberto, well worth the 20 minute wait!

The first Chocolatier and Printer, shops shared each side of the building.  Both are museums now, re-enacting the process for the public for free.  The first chocolate made here was a cocoa of sorts, or an aperitif.

This picture below is not a full view of the Old North Church, because while it's historic, many people still live herer.  And on this day in the neighborhood someone was moving and a big truck was  parked and blocked my view.   It's very beautiful in person though.

I love the story of The skinniest house in Boston.  Andwho knew?  A father left his land equally divided to his two sons.  The older son built the house on the right, leaving no room (or so he thought), for his younger brother to build anything.  But when the older brother went off to War, the younger brother built this narrow house and attached it to his older brother's big house.  The entrance is through the alley, lol!

Our tour guide Anna brought us our second slice of pizza from Regina's Pizzeria.  She said the lines are so long and seating is really tight, so we ate in the Courtyard.  It was a beautiful day a picnic too.  Anna was born and grew up in the North End, but has since moved away.  Her mother still lives there though and she was filled with trivia.

Here is our slice from Regina's.  It was heavenly.  A nice, thin crust with sauce and melty cheese.  I know, melty isn't a real word....  :)

I love window boxes and this house looked so pretty, even with the grate on the window.

The shops are so quaint and the area is pristine.

The neighborhoods do not have any yards, so lots of roof top gardens appear.

Right behind this building to the right, you can see the harbor.  Wouldn't it be so nice to live so close to it?

When you are in the North End, you feel very removed from the City, but if you look down the street, you can see how close we were.

What tour would be complete without a trip to the oldest cemetery?
It's just a park now though....

Our last stop, another tiny spot to have yet another slice of pizza.  This one was the real favorite of my sister's and mine.

We could barely finish it, but it was delicious.  And that ended our day with a big smile and very full stomachs.  

If you are ever in Boston, consider a walking tour.  It was great fun and even better food!   


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Francie Newcomb said...

Mary, I loved this post! I have spent some time in Boston and Cambridge but never in the North End. Is that where the Kennedy Library is? We would love to go there! Thank you!


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